Pension Mis-Selling Compensation Claims

Claim up to £375,000 in compensation.

If you were advised to move or transfer your pension fund and have lost money, valuable guarantees and benefits as a result, you could claim back thousands of pounds in compensation.

We help hundreds of victims of pension mis-selling recover their hard-earned money.

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Have you lost money as a result of pension mis-selling

How would I have been mis-sold my pension?

The UK is in the midst of a major pension claims scandal as financial advisers face fines and investigations for pushing unsuitable or inappropriate pension transfers.

We will assess your situation for free and help you claim your money back.

Were you mis-sold your pension
Typical signs of pensions mis-selling

Typical signs of pension mis-selling:

  • You’ve lost access to your pension
  • You have lost some or most of your pension fund
  • You can’t get out of a high-risk unregulated investment
  • You can’t find information about your pension

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Find out how much
you could claim!

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Have you lost money as a result of pension mis-selling

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The process of claiming back what you are due is as easy as answering a few simple questions. We ensure that anyone mis-sold a pension can claim to recover their money. If this is you, you could be entitled to thousands in compensation.


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If you were advised to transfer your pension, you might have…

  • lost thousands of pounds of your pension
  • lost valuable guarantees and benefits
  • been invested into toxic, worthless or failed unregulated investments
  • been exposed to unsuitable levels of investment risk
  • paid excessive fees, charges or commissions

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Claim up to £375,000

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